Author: Cindy Ashton

Trusting when things go ‘wrong’

Something I have learned over my lifetime is not to judge things as good or bad but instead stay curious. I have been dealing with ongoing computer issues for the last 3 weeks. This week, two of my websites were taken down because of brute force attacks. I admit it. I momentarily lost sight of my ‘trusting’ the flow of life. But then a huge gift happened and I totally got it – the bigger picture. Check out the video below to hear this beautiful story of inspiration and how the website issues led me to being able to...

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Cindy Uncorked! Official Announcement

Since I was a fetus swimming around in my mom’s belly sporting jazz hands, I knew I was destined to entertain and educate the masses. After years of developing my craft, performing on thousands of stages across North America and teaching countless people presenting skills, it all came together… in a hilarious, daring¬†and intelligent show called Cindy Uncorked! Here is the official announcement I made on my 41st birthday: I am so excited and honored to have you on this journey with me! Let’s make some noise, #GetUncorked, have a blast and change the world. You with me? And...

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