It only takes 1% belief that you can reach what seems impossible. Let me tell you a story…

10 years ago, when I first immigrated to the US from Canada, all I was eligible for were ongoing work visas with giant restrictions on what I could legally do in this country… and I am a bird. I can’t live in a cage!

In my research, I discovered that unless I wanted to find a man and get married, the only green card I would possibly get was one for a person of extraordinary ability. That meant I had to present a 500+ document with evidence that I was in the top 1% in my field, beating out over 350 million Americans in 3 of the 10 categories they had listed. And each of those categories was measured very carefully.

It seemed impossible. But 1% of me must have believed it was possible so I took one small step and started to build my credentials…. I had a few small wins and my belief rose to 5%, then took more steps… more wins… rose to 10%… and over 8 years the more I accomplished, the more the momentum built until my lawyer said “Cindy, you did it. I am confident we will be able to argue that you are one of the best in the world at what you do.”

We submitted that giant application with all the evidence to immigration and 10 days later they deemed that I was indeed in the top 1% of my field in 7 of the 10 categories (I only needed 3). Then I went through 9 months of criminal and medical checks and got my green card 1.5 years ago.

The biggest lessons I learned were:

  1. You only need 1% belief to get started
    2. Hold the big vision in your mind but take small steps.
    3. Consistently take those small steps, work hard and learn from the challenges
    4. Celebrate every small win
    5. The more small wins you have, the more your belief increases and so does your momentum
    6. You have the ability to amaze yourself and SEE yourself in ways you never imagine.

So… what is the big vision? How much belief do you have currently? And what small step can you make today to move towards it? #getuncorked