Meet Cindy Ashton

I was born ready to die. I had a 20 percent chance of living, heart failure, and structural damage on the left side of my body. Following my three heart surgeries, I was left with a lifetime of chronic pain and illness.

When I was fourteen the doctors said, “OK, we saved you but you’re going to need a fourth heart surgery and you’re going to be on medication for life. Don’t do anything more than general courses; don’t do anything more than walking.” I thought, “Don’t you mess with me. You have no idea who you’re dealing with!”

So, I got a university degree and then climbed into some active volcanoes, traveled to over 25 countries mostly on my own, and got knocked over by an ass while hiking up a cliff!

Along the way I moved to the United States (I was born in Canada) and was designated a person of extraordinary ability and considered to be in the top one percent in my field of training and speaking. I had to present a 500-page application to show my credentials in 10 carefully vetted categories.

I’ve always had a big personality, been unconventional, and fought for the underdog so you can expect nothing less on #CindyUncorked.

I have always been ‘different.’ The majority of my life was spent feeling like I am broken. I needed to fixed. I am not ok as I am.CU laughing

As I learned to love myself – ALL of myself (including the nasty little bits), I awakened to the insight that none of us are broken despite what the majority of media and self-help world portray.

We all have brilliance inside us. And what’s interesting is that I always knew that. In my lifelong career as a performer, speaker and presentation trainer, I always believed that of my people. I always communicated to them from a place of knowing who they REALLY are.

And this is my mission with Cindy Uncorked.

To speak to you as a whole, brilliant and beautiful human being that deserves to be honored for you are.

To go so much deeper than all the fluff out there and talk about the things that really matter – especially the topics that make us uncomfortable but can ultimately bring us back to our greatness.

To unlock our courage within, play and shine.

I am excited to have you on this journey with me.


  • 20 years in musical theater and comedy improv acting in Canada and the United States
  • 10 years of opera training
  • Honors BA in Music and Kinesiology (specialization in relaxation therapy), York University, Toronto, Canada
  • Studied with Second City, Royal Conservatory of Music, Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, and Livent of Canada.
  • Featured in Inc. Magazine, Investment News and The National Post
  • International TV host of Cindy Uncorked on E360
  • Received highest Call to Service Award from former US president Barack Obama
  • Received Diamond Jubilee Medal from Queen Elizabeth II of England
  • 20 years of keynote speaking, leading trainings and developing strategy for companies such as MetLife and Royal LePage, and the University of Toronto


Meet the Team

Matt Clements, Director – Terrible at one liners, but lives life to the fullest! Carole Parsons, Director – AKA *Sugar* … yet she won’t touch the stuff and she bosses people around then shoots them (for a living).
Will Meade, Editor – I love film and TV so much that I must be the most pale human alive, proving that I must be a great editor! Jason Reid, Creative Consultant – Wrote jokes for a Canadian TV program judged by some critics as the worst show of all time.
Sarah Luth, Executive Assistant – Paraded around in hot pink sequins for Caribana 2008 and loves her husband and dog equally.