Meet Andrea Payne.  Andrea joined the U.S. Army at the age of 17 as a band member. She played the Tuba, Saxophone and percussion. She was able to play with Liza Minnelli in the New York Harbor at the age of 19 on a Cruise Ship. She then decided to transition to Army Intelligence where she was able to work as an Army Intelligence Analyst.

She worked in a variety of setting to conduct evaluation including interviews and reported intelligence with the United Nations, CIA, European Command General, Political, and British Ambassadors.  She researched and wrote intelligence for worldwide intelligence findings, and was published daily for the government worldwide intelligence agencies. Andrea also has done extensive business contract negotiations with the U.S government.

She holds a B.S. from Fayetteville State University in Education, a MA in Psychology from Pepperdine University. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree at Pepperdine University in Global Leadership and Change. She is also pursuing a MA at Harvard in Business Management.

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Fun Facts About Andrea:

What inspires you? – People that live out their dreams and are pursuing what they love on a daily basis.
What’s your sign? – Aquarius.
What time period would you love to spend a day in? – I love the Roaring ’20s!  The expressionism and dance, along with the fashion – I would love to go back and live during this time.
What most people would be surprised to learn about you – I once drove my car on the Autobahn in Germany so fast that I had it going over 145mph.  I love to drive fast cars and I want to go back and do it again!
Favorite place to travel? – Switzerland.  I love the Alps (ALP are my initials)!