Meet Dr. Tihesha Wilson, a specialist in Minimally Invasive Oncologic Breast Surgery at the Valley Hospital.

Dr. Tihesha’s extensive travels to India, China and Japan to study complimentary medicine and endoscopic breast surgery techniques have shaped her commitment to an integrated, holistic approach in the treatment of patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

In addition to offering minimally invasive diagnostic techniques, a focus on breast conservation surgery, skin- and nipple-sparing mastectomies, Dr. Tihesha also provides evaluation and management of benign breast disease, as well as counselling and genetic testing for high risk breast cancer patients.

#GetUncorked with Dr. Tihesha and watch as she reveals things about breast cancer recovery that is rarely talked about that can change your life forever.

Fun Facts About Dr. Tihesha:

Craziest job you ever had:  The crazies job that I have ever had was a coat check girl at a Sheraton Hotel. You truly get to see all types of people coming through for hotel events.

Your Sign:  I am an aquarian!

What Inspires You:  I am inspired by love stories! When I see people who were performing acts of love towards nature, animals, other people and even towards themselves, I get truly inspired and often moved to tears! Yes, I am a sap!

What most people would be surprised to learn about you:  Most people would be surprised to learn that I take dancing classes! I personally have found that connecting with my body is grounding and very powerful for me! And, let’s face it.. Dancing is a lot of fun.

Who would you love to interview:  I would have loved to interview Maya Angelou! The more I learn of her work the more fascinated I am by how connected she was to femininity. it is rare to find women who truly celebrate the feminine. I would love to know how she developed her insights in a time and place that was so against expression of the feminine.

Learn more about Dr. Tihesha at the Blumenthal Cancer Center and be sure to tune in to learn more about cancer treatment.