The headline subject of most conventional talk shows these days does not always align with where the larger audience actually is in life.  You know what I’m talking about – those episodes where someone “… lost 50,000,000 pounds in three days!  We’ll talk to them and find out how you can do the same at home! …”  You, the home audience, become inspired from watching and listening to this heartwarming story of triumph and you make the same attempt but your results are drastically different.  Then, after “failing,” you feel guilty and shameful about your lack of success.

With #CindyUncorked!, it’s not about unrealistic expectations and over-the-top hype.  It’s about reconnecting people with their bodies and giving them strategic, small steps that you can take at home, at your level.  Which leads to more celebrations of success!

Having said that, this show is for YOU!  That’s right, I had this show put on the air for you.  I want you to be able to #GetUncorked! whenever and wherever you want – online via Twitter and Facebook, website comments or our live from the street segments.  I’ll have questions and statements that I want you to be answer and discuss with me – a little conversation never hurt anyone.

I would love to train the world to the ideal that we can each have our voice and have it be heard without holding on to the expectation of being right all the time.  Being so deeply invested in our egos and being right all the time leads to a lot of conflict.  #CindyUncorked! is going to get out there and give you a real voice and real solutions in your world.  It’ll be fantastic – there’ll be entertainment, laughs and adventures.

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