Jodie leapt out of bed at 5 am. She was ecstatic. 10 months, 92 hours and 203 pages. From the time she was 16, she knew she wanted to be an author and was on a mission to write something that would lift the spirits of those who read it. She finally did it, and today was the book launch. By 8 am, she was already a number one, best-selling author. Her career was off to a roaring start, and she couldn’t be happier. Soon, people would be requesting her to speak and hiring her to coach them. But one week later, all the buzz had fizzled out and her momentum was gone. She felt completely drowned out, unseen, and unheard. Her legacy was far too short-lived.

Sam, another driven individual on a mission for success, sat by the computer staring and waiting… waiting… waiting. Nothing. He kept hearing about how much money you could make marketing online. He bought a course and spent 3 months following every step in the system. He was a hard worker and was confident his efforts would pay off. Then, launch day came and all of his work and determination produced a measly 2 sales.

Making it as an entrepreneur has become a much bigger challenge than ever before. Vying for the attention of potential customers on social media outlets is incredibly competitive, as there are seemingly endless amounts of people selling formulas on how to succeed. People keep looking for ways to ‘stand out’ but end up boxed-in with everyone else.

The Key To Business Innovation and Visibility

So what is the key? To inspire others to take action from your innovation. Being innovative allows you to stand out in a fresh way that grabs attention and drives people toward your product. It comes down to how you approach everything you do in your business.

Being innovative to inspire the masses with your cause means you need to:

  1. Uncork your brand personality. Messaging and branding is an important part of every business, but it rarely captures the essence of who they are and overlooks the intended market. Instead, they look at simple demographics such as age, education and social-economic status but forget to define an identity that will resonate. For example, my essence is vivacious, unconventional and courageous. My clients are trailblazers or those who seek to be, which is why they choose to work me. I give them an out-of-the-box perspective and provide motivation needed to achieve mass influence.
  2. Create something bigger to buy into. People who buy Nike shoes aren’t buying them for the strength of the soles or other basic functional elements. They are buying them because they crave victory and believe in the brand identity. When someone would fly Virgin America prior to their merger with Alaska Airlines, they were buying the desire to feel hip, current and cool. What is the experience you provide your customer? How do you make them feel? It needs to naturally tie into your brand personality. If you figure out how to motivate potential customers to want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, they will follow you for life.
  3. Leverage your natural persuasion style. Just because business coaches say to write blogs, do speaking engagements and network to propel your mission, it doesn’t guarantee success. It is important to figure out how you naturally communicate. For me, I rarely write (this article is an exception). I am highly charismatic and I spend most of my time connecting with my market through speaking, singing, and creating video. And I do all of this with my vivacious, unconventional and courageous essence. Once you understand your unique persuasion style, you will be better suited to engage your audience.
  4. Tap into your creative power. The business space tends to be very ‘heady.’ Everyone is busy trying out a specific system, following the advice of a particular book, or implementing their preferred strategy. While this can be a helpful guidepost, it can often leave no room to tap into your own innate creativity. As a performing artist, I live in the imaginary world. If entrepreneurs decided to live in that space, their opportunities would expand exponentially. Let me tell you about the incredible tale of Fran Capo. Instead of doing a book signing at Barnes and Noble, she climbed 8 days to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Once there, she sold books to the other climbers on her journey. Her tale of adventure and the picture of her signing the books at the top of the mountain received international media attention, catapulting both her comedy and TV career. It also garnered her substantial sponsor money.

Innovation in business is really about being you, cultivating your infinite potential, and finding a way to tap into your natural genius and creativity. And ultimately, it’s about finding your unique path towards creating a legacy.

Fuel Your Innovation

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