Jason Reid helps entrepreneurs get more clients by showing them how to speak about their business.  A featured speaker at some of the biggest entrepreneur conferences in North America, Jason attracts lucrative clients through the stories he shares on stage.  His unique approach involves creating conversational and insightful content – while using the powerful, persuasive elements of storytelling to inspire audiences to action.

A former comedy writer, broadcast journalist and TV executive, Jason Reid received national and international awards for story-editing in television. Over the years, he has trained and mentored many Canadian TV personalities.  Through his private coaching, workshops, and elite group programs, Jason helps entrepreneurs create a power talk and sales message that can wow any audience and convert them into paying customers.

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Fun Facts About Jason:

Craziest job you ever had – Licensed Private Investigator

Wildest, most unconventional thing you have ever done – Join a rock band at 37.

Favorite place to travel – Scotland

Biggest risk you have ever taken – Spent all my savings when I was 30 to take a summer term at an ancient university in England.

Time period you would love to spend a day in – 1920s New York/or Hollywood

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