Meet Dr. Kerri Fullerton,  author and leader of the diet rebellion.  In her early teens Dr. Kerri was terrified of being fat. She was obsessed with her body and food. Dr. Kerri was either dieting, or secretly eating everything she could. She was always at war with her body. Then came the bulimia and the perpetual dieting. Each new diet or exercise program offered new hope. Each failure resulted in a binge and more shame.

Then Dr. Kerri found hope in an unexpected way, a new book that introduced a non-diet solution. Finally, she was on the right path and for the next 10 years she read every self-help book. Dr. Kerri was getting better. Her purging stopped. Her binges decreased. She started to be kinder to her body.

Then she had her son. Dr. Kerri’s binging came back and then the bulimia. She was devastated. This was not going to take her down without a fight.  As a naturopathic doctor, she couldn’t help but take a scientific approach. The next few years were trial and error. Each success built on the one before, and each failure provided new lessons.

Dr. Kerri took these successes and failures and developed a modeled process that she shared with her naturopathic patients. And like her, they started to get results. The Diet Rebellion was born!

Fun Facts About Dr. Kerri:

What inspires you – Recently a client brought me flowers to thank me.  She’s no longer consumed by her desire to lose weight at the expense of everything else.  She has a new perspective and is able to embrace her new diet-free life.  She can live her life and enjoy her grandkids.  My clients’ success – that inspires me!

Who you want to secretly date – Other than my lovely husband, I would like to date Alton Brown.  The man is a gourmet cook and he does science experiments.  He is this super geeks’ dream date.

What most people would be surprised to learn about you – When I was in Egypt, a gentleman tried to purchase me with 10,000 camels. I am totally worth 10,000 camels!!

Biggest risk you have ever taken – The biggest risk for me has been sharing my own very personal struggles with others through The Diet Rebellion.

Who would I love to interview – I would love to interview Geneen Roth.  Her books and her message about transforming our relationship with food with curiosity and kindness has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of compulsive eaters and dieters.

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