Season 2 Episode 4 Airs on Tues March 28th at 9pm








The Truth About Living with Chronic Illness

Season 1 Replays:

S1E01: Power of Your Vagina

For our first episode, we pull out all the stops!  Today, we'll #GetUncorked with Susan Gala as we discuss the amazing and transformative power of the vagina to heal trauma. Susan helps us to define the types of trauma that could affect your vagina.  She shows us how,...

S1E02: Sexuality in the Workplace

#GetUncorked with us as we talk with Jamie Dawn about sexuality in the workplace! On this episode, Jamie talks to us all about what sexuality means in the context of your workplace; the importance of sexuality and what it looks like when it shows up at work (both...

S1E03: What you don’t know about breast cancer treatment can change your life forever

Breast cancer.  Two very scary words that start stressing us out before treatment even begins.  That's why we want you to meet Dr. Tihesha Wilson, a specialist in Minimally Invasive Oncologic Breast Surgery. Dr. Wilson will give us the facts on breast cancer and...

S1E04: Almost Naked: Down with Body Shaming

Cindy is totally done with body shaming! In this episode, she will strip down to my bra and panties to reveal the scars from numerous heart surgeries. As people are dressing up for Hallowe’en, Cindy is dressing down. In the almost naked episode, Cindy tackles body...

S1E05: I Know I am Not Eating Right but I Just Can’t Seem to Stop

Today we're getting #Uncorked with Nina Manolson.  We're talking about the reasons and causes behind our inability maintain a a balanced, healthy relationship with food. It is SO much deeper than the food we eat.  Nina joins us to discuss the theories behind our...

S1E06: What is hidden in your food?

Laurie Brautigam joins us today to talk about the ingredients in our food that are not always in plain sight on the labels.  Laurie talks to us about allergens or common ingredients that people are known to be sensitive too and the impact mislabeling or deliberately...

S1E07: Train Your Brain for Success

We're going to #GetUncorked over our brains today!  Jill Hewlett is here to discuss the neuroscience that supports old dogs learning new tricks.  Jill has said before that "... a brain is a brain is a brain - no matter the age group" and uses that to demonstrate that...

S1E08: Dealing with Mother’s Guilt

We want to #GetUncorked about doing the right thing which can leader to dealing with parental guilt.  Dagmar Schoenrock joins us to discuss how parents, especially the primary caregivers, second guess every decision - trying to decide if they have done the right...