Dreams and goals are beautiful things. They are also dangerous things when others play on them in ways that give us false hope and send us more into a spiral. For years I have seen myself and others get sucked in by the media. Let me #GetUncorked and share my thoughts on how:

On #CindyUncorked, my goal is to bring you guests that help you accept where you are at and make healthy, realistic changes from that place of truth.

Why am I passionate about this?

As someone who has lived with chronic heart illness and pain my whole life, I have been sold ‘false’ hope millions of times and when I ‘failed’ at what I was told was possible, I took on shame and guilt at the time. It is only when I accepted my situation, that I was able to create a healthy lifestyle that honored ‘where I was at. Today I still have a plastic piece in my heart and leakages. I still have good and bad days. And I am at peace and doing what I love… on my terms.

What are your thoughts about the media selling false hope? #GetUncorked in the comments below.

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