Sometimes you can come across a single item that makes you stop and rethink your being and purpose.  Written by Naomi Wolf, Vagina discusses how important the female reproductive system is, specifically the vagina, and why it’s important to keep it nourished.  It leads to magnetic personalities and confidence and that’s not a bad thing in this world.

But it raises a good point.  How long will we walk around feeling empty or unfulfilled before we change our society and our viewpoints?  Vagina has a chapter about the trauma that happens to vaginas (rape) and there are some ideas addressed in the text that really underscore and support my decision to kick off CindyUncorked! with Susan Gala on October 4th.  There are so many groups of people and individuals who make up reasons to avoid discussing this topic and we need to get over it and off it and really open up dialogue about it so that we can change.

“… a good sexual experience drives joy and creativity into the female brain…”

How can something that foster happiness and the ability to innovate or improve be bad?  But that’s what people want you to think.  The flip side to this statement is obviously about how trauma to the vagina causes damage to the body and brain’s ability to create the neural pathways and receptors to experience or perceive joy, creativity and courage.

Why is this important?  Because women are more than automatic baby chutes and should be allowed to develop and fulfill all of their potential, not just a small part of it.  Holding women back by being insensitive and deliberately hurtful results in no profit for any one.  Support and nurture women (and their vaginas) by being involved, tuned-in partners who tend and nurture women (and their vaginas) including their brains, allow women to show up in life and participate full out.

If you want to hear me fully let the cork out, watch the video below.