For our first episode, we pull out all the stops!  Today, we’ll #GetUncorked with Susan Gala as we discuss the amazing and transformative power of the vagina to heal trauma.

Susan helps us to define the types of trauma that could affect your vagina.  She shows us how, once traumatized, the foundation of the body, and the source of vitality and pleasure, our vagina then becomes imbalanced & misaligned making it challenging to re-connect to feminine energy.  Susan also discusses ways to overcome the trauma from experiences such as loss, traumatic childbirth, lingering effects of female cancers, endometriosis, hysterectomy, and symptoms of menopause and more.  She’ll show us all exercises to allow us to rebuild and tap into that energy for success!
On the streets of #NYC, we talk to you about you feel when we say ‘vagina’ and whether you love it, hate it or feel uncomfortable!