Cindy is totally done with body shaming! In this episode, she will strip down to my bra and panties to reveal the scars from numerous heart surgeries.

As people are dressing up for Hallowe’en, Cindy is dressing down. In the almost naked episode, Cindy tackles body shaming and the myth that only overweight people experience this bullying.  She strips down to her bra and underwear to reveal her scars and tell her story.  After that, some of our brave viewers share their stories.


In this revealing episode, you will meet ….

  • Rebecca who shares what it is like to be on the skinny side of the fence
  • Alban who reveals how men get shamed too for their looks
  • Lorree who gives us insight into what it is like to have large breasts
  • Michelle who explains the challenges people with gender dysphoria face
  • Lauren who gives a voice to the fuller folks of the world
  • And lastly, we have Diana Tumminia who works with people dealing with mental illness. She shares insights into their journeys.

This is the episode where we give a voice to this important topic.