Dana Pharant is going to #GetUncorked with us on March 7 as she discusses the ugly side of the self-help world!  Dana will talk frankly about the pitfalls and bad messages they absorb, especially around this time of year.  She points out that the self-help world preys up our beliefs that we are “unworthy” to sell us on their help.

She exposes the hooks and tricks that can be used to indoctrinate you into the self-help world and why it can be even more dangerous than you think.  Dana discusses the effect this can have on people and their ability to succeed and thrive.

Tune is as Dana demonstrates that being a Dominatrix can, in some ways, be extremely freeing and helps to propel you forward in life – without needing a self-help course.  She also has an exercise to start freeing us from the baggage of our past – you don’t want to miss this! And be sure to connect with Dana by clicking HERE

#LagunaBeach! You are not shy about when you #GetUncorked about whether the self-help world empowers and assists people or is a hoax!

CareerUncorked:  Janet Wise talks to us about personal branding and what sets you apart from others with similar skills and abilities.  It was made popular mainstream by management guru, Tom Peters in his 1997 Fast company article: the brand called you.  It is the most effective and innovative strategy an individual can use to achieve professional success and fulfillments.  It’s what set you apart, uniquely, authentically, expertly even. It about: who you are (as well as who you are not); what do you do? What makes you unique in what you do? And why it matter to your audience (be it your manager, company, or customers and clients).  See most of us think of branding from the consumer les.  We engage with brands all day long.  But we tend not to attach it to ourselves.  But Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business right:  simply put:  Brand is your promise to the customer it tells them what to expert and differentials your offer from your competitors.   Today we have celebrity brands, expert brands and personal brands – this has truly exploded with the convergence of social media.  You have a brand whether you know it or not.  You have a brand whether you like it or not.  So don’t be passive – own your brand.  If you are not managing your own brand, it will be managed for you and maybe not in the way you want.  That’s why the work I do focuses on getting clear on individuals personal attributes and then look at it in context to their experiences, strengths, and natural talents.   Think of your brand as your reputation.  It‘s what comes to mind when your name or company name is mentioned?  It’d what they say about you when you’re not in the room.  So give them something to talk about.

You do that by discovering or uncovering how you positively stand out and then you’re your brilliance your light shine.

Pick up Janet’s free guide to personal branding by clicking HERE

WellnessUncorked:  Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp  asks us “If you had to define inflammation, what do you think it is?”  Are you turned on or off? Come on, fess up… No I am not talking about sex! I am talking about inflammation. What? Okay so there is all this talk around inflammation and how to reduce it. When you have inflammation in your body, it is like some of the your systems have switched the off switch. But before we dig into that and explore if you are turned on or off, first we need to understand that there are two different kinds.

Let’s say you put your finger through lighter – Acute Inflammation occurs when you are injured or experience an infection. Ow, it hurts for a while but the inflammatory response is there to help you heal.

Chronic inflammation on the other hand is different. It’s inflammation of the cell membrane. When the membrane is inflamed things are unable to get in OR out. This means that toxins can become trapped inside and hormones and nutrients aren’t able to get inside, which can cause a multitude of symptoms.

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Getting Uncorked on the Red Carpet ~ Cindy interview’s actor Marcello Thedford (Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds). Find out what he has to say about how to step into your best self!

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