Dr. Kerri Fullerton shares with us how the “clean” eating phenomenom may actually be doing us more harm then good. Watch as Kerri on March 14 as she shows us how damaging it can be to constantly make yourself wrong when it comes to your food choices.

#LagunaBeach! You are not shy about when you #GetUncorked about your eating habits!

CareerUncorked: Janet Wise talks about Christy and Christine. They are both working client services and are account managers. Both have been at the company for 5 years and consistently get great reviews. They are both high performers and well-liked by their clients and peers. The role of national account manager comes up and Christy gets the promotion. So why Christy and not Christine?

Some of you watching may also be high performers but not getting the promotions you want… Janet talks about why. And be sure to pick up Janet’s guide on personal branding by clicking HERE.

WellnessUncorked:  Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp talks to Cindy about living in the contemporary digital age and enjoying the conveniences of our mobile handheld devices. The term ‘text-neck’ is derived exactly from that. Today, widespread use of smartphones, blackberries and tablets has caused this epidemic of Anterior Head Syndrome simply due to the excessive texting, calling, tweeting, emailing and so forth.  

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Getting Uncorked on the Red Carpet ~Who did Cindy interview on the red carpet? Why Jeff Timmons of boy band, 98 degrees!

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