Cindy’s pal Jason Reid stops by on March 21 and talks with us openly and frankly about the myths, half-truths and realities of living with chronic illness.  He also shares with us the struggle to avoid the good intentions of people who don’t understand the challenges.

Tune in to hear the conversation about overcoming the commonplace belief that chronic illness is in your head when you have non-visible symptoms and some of the uncomfortable truths people need to face.

Watch the video below for a sneak peak into Jason’s motivation and passion for this topic:


CareerUncorked: Janet Wise (Wise Advantages) blows her own horn on this episode!  You can and should toot your own horn too!  Most women really suck at this and why – because women equate selling with being braggadocios, as being self serving, as being unladylike.  Women also tend to think of selling as something “dirty.”  Then, of course, there’s a lack of confidence that often times their male counterparts don’t ‘experience.’

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WellnessUncorked:  Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp  talks about the joys of insomnia. You know, when you wake up, roll over and see 2:00 AM on the clock. And you’re stuck staring at the ceiling for hours before you finally fall back to sleep OR your alarm clocks goes off and you have to drag yourself through the day barely conscious. This 2AM wake up time might be caused by something millions of Canadian’s and American’s face: Adrenal Fatigue.

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Getting Uncorked on the Red Carpet ~ Cindy interviews MTV star Anusha Dandekar and rising pop star, Jaysin Voxx on the red carpet at the after Grammy’s party.

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