Coming in November on our new TV network (soon to be announced!), Bruce Fredenberg #GetsUncorked on and discusses the real motivations behind our bad decisions. Join us as Bruce discusses the three emotional states that foster these poor decisions and the root of Anxiety today.  He and Cindy also cover the damage that happens to your brain and the common symptoms of worry in your life.  Cindy follows up by asking about to how to repair that same damage and tips for how to stay calm and avoid bad decisions. To pick up Bruce’s sleep and anxiety audios, click HERE

#LagunaBeach! You are not shy about when you #GetUncorked about how you cope with anxiety!

CareerUncorked: Janet Wise (Wise Advantages) wants to know if you’ve got a great resume, experience and credentials, didn’t get the interview?  Or the call back etc.  She will even tell you why.  You didn’t own your own brand.

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WellnessUncorked:  Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp  knows that one minute you’re smiling and being asked how you are, and the next you are having a mental breakdown. The headaches, the mood swings,  the anxiety, and the fatigue!  Struggling with Estrogen Dominance is like suffering from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome. Your up and down and down and up, and you’re not sure what’s going on with you. 

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Getting Uncorked on the Red Carpet ~ Cindy interview’s bestselling author Noah St. John and race car driver, Justin Peck.

Catch #CindyUncorked live on Tuesday’s at 9:00pm EST