Coming in November on our new TV network (soon to be announced!), Erin Findley arrives to discuss open relationship, swinging and polyamory.  She de-mystifies the terms and shows us what’s great and where the pitfalls are when it comes to these non-traditional unions.  Erin opens up about the most common misconceptions and what makes managing these relationships so complicated.

#Laguna Beach! You are not shy about when you #GetUncorked about why you think people are in non-monogamous, non-traditional relationships!

CareerUncorked: Janet Wise (Wise Advantages) wants to know if you feel stuck in your career.  Have you ever been to the circus? What amazed Janet was the cannonball. Remember that? You would see the master of ceremonies lighting the fuse. The anticipation builds. Waiting the cannonball to catapult out of the cannon. And BOOM! There it goes. Easy peezy.

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WellnessUncorked:  Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp  knows a lot of women get to a certain age and suddenly find losing weight impossible. One day, they look in the mirror and don’t even recognize their own body. Their tummy is bigger, their muffin top is larger than ever before. They hit the gym in baggy clothes, feeling self conscious but desperate to get rid of the pounds but can’t. You can tell they want to give up. Fortunately, there is a solution.

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