Coming in November on our new TV network (soon to be announced!), Katy Bray and Zeb Severson are here to talk about how to embrace the feminine energy/power in your life so that you include people and pull them into your circle.  Katy and Zeb share how pushing your partner to an extreme in this energy can cause an imbalance in your relationship and affect your partner in the future. Cindy wants to know how we can truly embrace that feminine energy and avoid the pitfalls.

CareerUncorked: Janet Wise (Wise Advantages) discusses the steps you can take to advance your career and how you prepare for more responsibility and advancement so that what you say is heard and valued.  Are you a high performer but not getting the promotions you want?  Janet talks about why that happens and how you can avoid it..

WellnessUncorked:  Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp wants to know: where do you keep your cell phone? If it’s not in your purse, you probably have it in your pocket or maybe even in your bra. Which is the perfect place to keep it if you want to radiate your boobs or your ovaries. 

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