Every segment is meant to spark deeper conversations about important issues while gently challenging the viewer to stretch past her comfort zone so she can step into her most fulfilled self.

pointingHOT TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Interview with an expert who offers a controversial or fresh perspective on a hot topic. Upcoming episodes tackle topics like body shaming, how the government controls your money, tapping into the power of your vagina to heal trauma, the ugly side to the self help world, hidden toxins in your food and other thought provoking topics. If you want to be interviewed, please request more information by clicking HERE.

“GET UNCORKED” … LIVE FROM THE STEET: We interview people live on the streets where they share their thoughts on the topic of the week. The next filming is August 24th in NYC. We will be posting times and locations soon. If you want to get your moment on camera, be sure to get on our mailing list to be notified of when we come to your city. Click HERE.

UNCORKED ADVENTURES: Living with courage requires us to get uncomfortable and try something new. In each episode, Cindy and some lucky viewers will embark on an adventure… from skydiving to African dancing to flying on a trapeze and more. If you us to come to your location to film an adventure, please request more information by clicking HERE.

INFLUENCE UNCORKED: Live from a unique location, Cindy shares a strategy on how to show up powerfully in your life and how to navigate work and home relationships. If you have a question on how to be influential, please post on our Facebook Page or tweet @cindyashton. Here is also a quick video about getting your question on the show: