We all get into conflict, whether at work or at home. How we present ourselves when a conflict occurs, will make or break how the other perceives and responds to us.

Taken from Cindy’s national TV show, #CindyUncorked, here is her segment of “Influence Uncorked” where she shares how to be in your power when in conflict:

Most people try too hard to compensate for being in conflict.  For example, you have missed a deadline at work.  Instead of staying in your power, you will give into your conflict and turn into a Fast Talker and Over Explainer almost as quickly as Superman puts on his tights.

Over explaining is asking to turn yourself into a target.  Mistakes and life happen to everyone, but by over explaining and giving complicated and unnecessary details, you hand people ammunition to use to put you on the spot, make you feel small or depreciate your work.  You also have to avoid the storytelling.  What do I mean by that?  In your job, what your boss cares about most is the work product you produce, not that your sixth cousin once removed married your ex-husband’s sister and invited you all to dinner where you contracted food poisoning from the antipasto bar before you had to help your child finish the last minute model of the solar system which is why you left your briefcase at home this morning and it has your presentation which you forgot about because your cellphone is busted (AND take a big breath).

There’s so much effort involved in that and really, all it takes, is a simple “You’re right.  I did miss the deadline and I’ll have it to you by 11:00am.”  By providing what your boss really wants and needs to hear from you, you’re owning the issue and remain in your personal power.  The key is this:  Ownership + Solution = Power.

And Fast Talkers – you need to slow down!  A mental speed bump, if you will.  When you notice that your speech has sped up, you should take a moment to compose yourself.  It’s ok to feel flustered or embarrassed; but you need to take the time and space to breathe before you begin digging a hole for yourself.

Taking that moment, breathing in that space, gives you room to find your solid ground and solution.  It also allows you to be in control of delivering that solution and achieving the results.  All of which just creates more moments of personal power for you.

There you have it folks – slow down and Ownership + Solution = Power!  A winning combination!

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