Meet Susan Gala, creator of “The Radiant Femme” Process.

Susan is Holistic & Mystic.

Her practice is embodied in the feminine healing arts and infused with ancient wisdom for the modern women. Susan provides a sacred environment for exploration and transformation to nourish the feminine soul.  She helps women re-connect to their femininity with sacred breath- work integrating the voice, heart and sacral chakra (vagina) embodiment practices, pelvic care techniques, feminine self-care, Sacred Femme” v-steams, and Healing gatherings.

The pelvis is the foundation of the body, and the source of vitality and pleasure, yet when there are imbalances & misalignment it’s challenging to re-connect to feminine energy. This is especially true for women who have been affected with trauma, loss, traumatic childbirth, lingering effects of female cancers, endometriosis, hysterectomy, and symptoms of menopause.

Her soulful process helps women live fully present and empowered in their female body. Susan believes that tuning into your womb wisdom is necessary for business, lifestyle and intimacy in all your relationships.

Susan is known as: Womb Priestess” & “Pelvic Wisdom Genie” and is trained as a licensed massage therapist.  She is also certified in Holistic Pelvic Care Techniques, The Female Pelvis and its cycles, Womb Healing, and Essential oils for healing.

Check out Susan’s website or #GetUncorked with her right here on the episode The Power of Your Vagina!  You can watch Susan’s video below to learn why she is so passionate about the work she does:

Fun Facts About Susan:

Your Sign – Aries
What inspires you – The sunrises & sunsets I get to witness from my home
Wildest, most unconventional thing you have ever done – Ultralight Flying over the Hudson Valley (wild, crazy & dangerous)
What most people would be surprised to learn about you – I designed   “Lingerie” for the first catalog of “Victoria’s Secret” in 1979
Time period you would love to spend a day in – 1920’s to 40’s