Something I have learned over my lifetime is not to judge things as good or bad but instead stay curious. I have been dealing with ongoing computer issues for the last 3 weeks. This week, two of my websites were taken down because of brute force attacks.

I admit it. I momentarily lost sight of my ‘trusting’ the flow of life. But then a huge gift happened and I totally got it – the bigger picture. Check out the video below to hear this beautiful story of inspiration and how the website issues led me to being able to help a family going through a hard time.

As a side note, I am a big believer in being comfortable in your own skin so this is me completely uncorked. No make up, sweaty and with questionable hair. I love being a real person.

Ok here is the video… enjoy!

Your turn… would love you to #GetUncorked and share YOUR story of a time that something seemed to go wrong but ended up being a blessing. Comment below! Excited to hear your thoughts.