I was driving in my car the other day and an ad came over the radio.  It was asking me if I wanted to have “flatter” abs and if so call now!  My question is:  Why would I?  Women are not supposed to have completely flat abdomens.  We have slightly softer abdomens (and bodies in general) because, as the female of the species, we are the ones that have to carry and sustain a small life internally for 9-months and that takes extra fat, hormones and body protections.

This ad, instead of celebrating how miraculous and transformative women’s bodies are, was doing it’s level best to have me buy in, AGAIN, to the body shaming.  The false ideal in ad, which is hard to maintain and largely unobtainable for most and unnecessary, preys on our fears and need to belong.

There should be no one idea of how all women look.  Remember Barbie?  She is the ideal (unrealistic though she may be) and now people are fighting for her to be more diverse: more heights, more hair colours, more eye colours, more body shapes, more abilities, etc.  If we all walked around looking like little Barbies wouldn’t that be boring? We’d be indistinguishable from each other.

I have been part of the pursuit of thin, because men would only love me and want me if I had a flat stomach or looked a certain way.  A few years ago, I went on a date with a man who preferred women who were of the “fuller figure” body type.  Here I was, chasing the dream of the small, tiny body and here was proof, in my face, that there were people who preferred not that!  That means, I can spend my time focusing on being healthy, happy and fulfilled in the ways I want rather than chasing some nebulous, ever changing society ideal.

I’m so over trying to look a particular way.  Get Uncorked! Comment below with what you’re thinking about belly fat or flat!